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Summer Streets this August, Not Just For Cyclists


You’ll have an opportunity to cycle down Park Avenue again this year, without the bother of motorists. But you’ll have to deal with the new “accessibility” policy of the DeBlasio administration who is inviting all manner of non-motorized transport to the free street festival that is in its eighth year.

Running from the GW to State Line

Utsuko and Mayumi ran more than 21 miles on Sunday, along the Hudson River. It was 84 degrees.

Both from Japan the two ladies had just run back from the George Washington Bridge, to the “other restaurant, about 10 miles,” they said.

Ride to the Water Source

The newly refurbished Old Croton Aqueduct on 173rd St.

Two New Yorkers will be taking cyclists for a bicycle tour to the Old Croton Aqueduct situated at Highbridge Park on May 9.

High Bridge Talk in March

The High Bridge will be converted to a pedestrian and cyclist bridge this summer!

Go hear Bryan Diffley, the Project Manager of the High Bridge renovation, speak about the bridge and its conversion to a pedestrian and cyclist walkway this summer. He’s speaking this Friday, Feb. 13 at 7 P.M. at Hunter College for free.

The Great Snowstorm (Hoax) of 2015

The great snowstorm of 1888, much more snow that we got last night.

The snowfall was no bigger than those we experienced in 2013 and certainly smaller than the most recent big snowfalls we had in 2010 and 2006.

Live in Manhattan? Get on the Board!

Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, issued an invitation to residents to apply to their community boards.

The Manhattan Borough President’s Office is currently¬†accepting applications¬†or Manhattan Community Board membership with a January 30 deadline. In a message from Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President, she said “Community Boards represent their neighborhoods on crucial issues ranging from real estate…

Deirdre Murphy, Who Taught Youth to Ride Track, Has Died

deirdre murphy

The founder of a youth track cycling program in New York, Deirdre Murphy Bader, has died. Ms. Murphy died of cancer at the Calvary Hospital in the Bronx, NY, according to a statement from her foundation, Star Track. “Everyone at…

Trial and Guilty Verdict by NY Post of Cyclist in Pedestrian Death

Jill Tarlov died of her injuries after a collision with a cyclist last Thursday in New York's Central Park.

The NY Post wasted no time in serving as jury, setting the trial and announcing the guilty verdict against a cyclist in a collision with a pedestrian last week. To bait the backlash, writers Larry Celona, Erin Calabrese, Kirstan Conley and Bruce Golding wrote like prosecuting attorneys drafting their brief to sway all New Yorkers that Mr. Marshall was a killer at large, and withheld certain evidence in their reporting that would have made the collision appear more like an accident. In creating their report, the NY Post stirred up a hatred and venom against cyclists from New Yorkers –you guessed–who don’t ride bicycles.