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Everything about cycling in New York

Reflect to Save Your Life


Cyclists and pedestrians are more likely to be hit and killed during low light conditions, according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, so wearing a highly reflective jacket can save your life.

Hiking the history of the Hudson

North South Lake from the trail.

Our winter outdoor hiking choice is North-South Lake, where trails follow the famous painters from the Hudson River Art School, among them Thomas Cole.

Parking in the Bike Lane? There’s an App for That

Cars parked in the bike lane on Saturday on the route to Summer Streets included about 30 police cars.  Does the city really care about cyclists?

It’s not clear if reporting illegal parking on the 311 app will actually cause the driver to get a ticket, since it’s not stated how quickly the app works to engage 311 operators to call police officers–especially when the officers themselves are parked in the bike lanes.

TA Looking for Summer Streets Volunteers

ta logo

One of New York’s biggest bicycle advocacy groups is looking for volunteers to outreach to members for the three Summer Street events to be held this August.