Were Back in Business — A Message From the Editor

January 2, 2018 — New York/ New Jersey

Dear Reader:

We’re back in business!

That is, after being hacked to death by either a competitor or someone who had nothing better to do.

Success attracts many kinds. Well, we say good luck to the negative types: destruction won’t get you far.

We lost two years worth of content. In addition, we lost our website frame which now has to be rebuilt from scratch.

We also lost years of great reporting on cycling advocacy and the big bike races that we have been covering since 2006! Yes more than 12 years now.

But that never stopped us before.

I want to thank IT wizards DJ Gallagher and Tiffany Lindner for their amazing work bringing the site back from the dead.

Now that we are back, we’re stronger than ever. Let’s just say, you can’t beat us down!

So welcome back to Cyclists International. We’re looking forward to providing you with new and better news, every week, and month of the year.

Happy cycling!



Jen Benepe

Editor in Chief

Cyclists International

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