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Catching up with New UIV President Peter Rengel

Peter Rengel become president of the Union Internationale de Velodromes, here with outgoing president (right) Henrik Elmgreen.

“We would appreciate it if there were in the United States a new race. Madison or Americaine started in 1899. It is a part of US sports history. Let the dream come through … but also one day or more day races are welcome.”

Lance Armstrong Says He’ll Tell All

Armstrong in 2010 Tour de France (C) Benepe

The previous seven-time Tour de France champion told BBC News that he is speaking openly and candidly with the U.S. based cycling organization, and he’s not going to protect anyone anymore.

Kreuziger Responds to UCI Doping Allegations

Kreuziger’s public plea is not unusual, but bears familiar markings to previous pro cyclists who made big public statements about their innocence only to later turn a full 180-degrees and come clean about their sins.

Froome to Race in Japanese Tour

Sept. 22, 2014 Team Sky’s Chris Froome  will be participating in the Saitama Criterium in Japan this October 25. The race is sponsored by the same group that puts on the Tour de France, the Amaury Sports Organization, who call the event formally Le tour…