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Summer Streets this August, Not Just For Cyclists


You’ll have an opportunity to cycle down Park Avenue again this year, without the bother of motorists. But you’ll have to deal with the new “accessibility” policy of the DeBlasio administration who is inviting all manner of non-motorized transport to the free street festival that is in its eighth year.

How Bicycles Gave us Freedom

Bicycles led to social freedoms, including for women who could now shed their dresses and seek out jobs by bicycle.

From the 1880’s to the 1910’s Americans took to the two-wheeled objects, “sparking a nationwide bicycle craze.”

Celebrating Women’s USA Soccer in New York Today

The USA Women's soccer team won the World Cup on Sunday, and their win will be celebrated all over New York City today.

The Team USA women’s world cup soccer triumph is being celebrated all over New York today, first in a ticker tape parade up Lower Broadway to be held this morning. It’s been 55 years since a woman in sport was celebrated in a ticker tape parade.

Running from the GW to State Line

Utsuko and Mayumi ran more than 21 miles on Sunday, along the Hudson River. It was 84 degrees.

Both from Japan the two ladies had just run back from the George Washington Bridge, to the “other restaurant, about 10 miles,” they said.

Ride to the Water Source

The newly refurbished Old Croton Aqueduct on 173rd St.

Two New Yorkers will be taking cyclists for a bicycle tour to the Old Croton Aqueduct situated at Highbridge Park on May 9.