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How Bicycles Gave us Freedom

Bicycles led to social freedoms, including for women who could now shed their dresses and seek out jobs by bicycle.

From the 1880’s to the 1910’s Americans took to the two-wheeled objects, “sparking a nationwide bicycle craze.”

Catching up with New UIV President Peter Rengel

Peter Rengel become president of the Union Internationale de Velodromes, here with outgoing president (right) Henrik Elmgreen.

“We would appreciate it if there were in the United States a new race. Madison or Americaine started in 1899. It is a part of US sports history. Let the dream come through … but also one day or more day races are welcome.”

The Hazbins: Jersey of the Week


See if you can find out who the Hazbins are: they keep a low profile, take a big trip every year, and have among them previous Olympic champions. The group is so secretive that Rob refused to reveal who runs the group, or any of the members’ names, and even gave us the wrong phone number to follow up with.

Bicycle Recalls, Injuries, Fatality

gary francis Lanoue copy

In response to questions from our readers about recalls on bicycles, we are publishing a list of recalls of bicycle brands and components available in the United States. If you find your bicycle or component on this list, you must STOP riding immediately.

Bikegate: Contador’s Broken Specialized Bicycle

Contador after his crash and before returning to Spain.

The incident called “Bikegate,” has become the subject of conspiracy theorists who used reconstructed photos of video and other photos they found on the Internet to prove or disprove the idea that either Contador’s bike snapped when it hit a rock, or snapped when he crashed–or neither. A quick search for the top bicycle and parts manufacturers on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission recall site, shows that almost all major brands have had some safety recall in the past two years.