Photo of the Week: Black Label in Front of Brooklyn Museum

We spied this incredibly creative jumble of bicycles attached to a light pole in front of the Brooklyn Museum last week. 

On closer inspection, we saw the two-tiered, two-frame forged type bicycle made famous by the Black Label Club, a bicycle group explored in great depth in the film, B.I.K.E.

Sure enough, standing near by were the owners of those bicycles, and one wore a cut-off jean jacket with the words “Black Label” across the back.

We asked if indeed they were from the club, and the answer was yes.

The only question remained: why was there no bike parking outside the Brooklyn Museum?

Incidentally, if you haven’t seen the film B.I.K.E., produced by Fredric King, you really must. Cyclists International has some copies on DVD, first come first served, email


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