Lyin’ Himon Cabbie Blames Cyclist for his Own Scofflaw Ways

August 24, 2013–By Jen Benepe–Editorial

It’s not bad enough that the New York City cab driver, operating his one-ton motor vehicle with the emotional maturity of a deranged 5-year-old, chased a bike messenger with the intent of killing him, then struck his intended target and sent him flying.

Lyin’ Himon’s cab after he finished his murderous rampage, first striking bicycle messenger Ken Olivo, then striking and maiming Sian Green this week.

He and his legal cronies have now suckered the NY Post and other media into picking up their newest revision of the crash when Himon then critically injured a bystander –into printing that it was all the bike messenger’s fault.

We’re talking about Lyin’ Mohammed Faysal Himon who used his car as a weapon against cyclist and messenger Kenneth Olivo whom he struck when Olivo tried to defend his right of way on the street and slapped Himon’s cab.

After aiming directly for the bike messenger, the repeat-scofflaw cab driver Himon, ended up critically injuring a 24-year-old British woman as well, Sian Green.

Now Himon, with multiple violations to his name is trying to make it look like his killer behavior was the fault of 150-pound cyclist on a 20-pound bike.

The cab driver should be in jail for attempted manslaughter of Kenneth Olivo, and be brought up on charges of reckless endangerment against Ms. Green. After the 23-year-old Green’s foot was cut off by Himon’s cab, her leg was amputated from the knee down on Thursday.

Bicycle messenger Kenneth Olivo’s bicycle after Lyin’ Himon completed his dirty work. Himon aimed for the bike messenger thinking no one would notice, then struck a bystander.

Instead Himon and his legal cronies are banding about town free as birds, spreading disinformation like the plague.

Himon wasn’t even legally supposed to be driving the cab in the first place, and should not have been on the street for his multiple violations, many of them for running red lights. The man is a known danger to society, yet he’s pointing the finger at a messenger who has never killed anyone.

Himon is doing his dirty work with a slurry of PR engineered by the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers head Fernando Mateo, who have mounted a massive disinformation machine during a slack summer week for news. Here’s how they communicated their dirty lies via the ever right-leaning NY Post:

“This is not Mohammed’s fault,” Mateo, who said he represents Himon, insisted. “It is the fault of the cyclist.”

“Who would you rather believe, a man who immigrated to this country and supports his family back home, or a thug?”

This is one of the ugliest machinations I think I’ve ever witnessed, Himon and his legal team quickly setting up  “press conferences” to steer attention away from the cab driver’s long history of dangerous driving by digging up Olivo’s sealed court documents to paint him as a “thug,” and shifting blame –oh so conveniently to a man of color.

No doubt Olivo appears to have serious anger management issues, but murder is not part of his history. He’s also a bike messenger in New York City, and any cyclist knows that as a result of the constant assault from drivers, he’s probably suffering from PTSD.

Sian Green in an undated photo from Facebook. The poor woman didn’t know there were cab drivers with murder on their minds, driving the streets of New York.

I’ve had numerous run-ins with the “hard-working,” “immigrant” cab drivers, who come here with the driving skills and prejudices –including against women—honed perhaps culturally in their hometowns where lights are made to be run through (if there are any at all,) car-owners rule the road, and where running lower-caste pedicab drivers off the road is a national sport.

Maybe Olivo was just another lowly pedicab driver in Himon’s eyes. And Himon may have been sick and tired of how the “low” level men on bicycles would tell him what to do.

Never mind that the “infractions” cyclist Olivo is being fingered for amount to little more than petty, most of the list makes you want to laugh:  drinking “malt liquor” out in the open (like how many white people drink wine and beer out in the open in Central Park) and urinating on a passing subway (the image is pretty funny, sounds like the antics of most teenagers). The worst of these infractions was swiping wine from a café (petty larceny,) a fight with his roommate  (did his roommate punch him back?), and an angry verbal tirade at a stranger (no mention of what the stranger did to him.)

This is what traffic looks like where Lyin’ Himon comes from back in Bangladesh. Yup, all “law and order” there!

Yet Himon’s long list of red light runs could kill a half dozen people in a single blow.

Seeing his culpability, Himon quickly changed his original story from one recounting road rage, to one in which he had been distracted by the cyclist and then “accidentally” “accelerated.”

Then Himon and his legal team set up an “exclusive interview” with the NY Post to spread his disinformation so the world might not notice that he is a repeat-road rage lunatic.  And there is no better avenue than the minority-and-cyclist-loathing NY Post to revise history.

A man of color who rides a bicycle, and is a messenger–that is three strikes against him, Kenneth Olivo, just trying to make money in the lowest of low occupations in NYC, with the highest injury rates.

I’ve encountered drivers like Himon in New York, all 135-pounds of me on a 18-pound bicycle, being shoved off the road, or doored, being loaded into the ambulance while the “poor” cab driver lies to the cops.

No doubt the bike messenger, Kenneth Olivo, who does not even have a telephone number to his name, and has been working hard in an occupation characterized by constant danger and threats from drivers, cannot afford a lawyer.

Olivo has clearly been working to build back his life and overcome a previous history that was legally sealed because he made good on past deeds.

Bike messengers make even less money than cab drivers, and their occupational hazards are 100 times greater –especially with lunatics like Himon around.

My cousin who was a bike messenger told me he quit when he met two previous bike messengers with missing arms and legs, the result of being struck by motor vehicles while on the job. It’s the lowest of low jobs in New York, more dangerous than being a cop or a fireman, and certainly the most fragile economically.

Unlike cops and firemen, bike messengers have no union to fight for them, and no health insurance to pay for their severed limbs or to support their families once they’ve been disabled.

But this is what Himon told the same newspaper, yup, the NY Post, (see last line,) before he changed his story to blame the cyclist:

 “I don’t want to drive a taxi,” Mohammed Faysal Himon, 24, told The Post in an exclusive interview from a relative’s home in The Bronx.

Himon — who was not authorized to drive the cab that slammed into Sian Green, 23, likely costing her both legs — copped to a previous laundry list of moving violations, including an accident that injured a passenger in 2010.

More traffic scenes from the “law and order” country of Bangladesh. This was the learning ground for Himon’s driving skills.

“I need a more suitable job. There’s too much stress when you’re driving in the city,” Himon said.

Himon, a native of Bangladesh who has been in the United States for nearly five years, admitted he flew into a fit of road rage when he and bike messenger Kenneth Olivo crossed paths.

Mohammed Faysal Himon should be behind bars, and should never be allowed to drive a cab –or any other car–again. He’s a menace to society.

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