Cyclist Dale Stetina Crashes in Colorado

In the News–Boulder, CO.–September 1, 2013

A former pro rider Dale Stetina was critically injured when a driver exited out of a driveway without looking, sending Stetina over his handlebars.

According to reports from Colorado, there was significant vegetation blocking the driver’s view, and the driver was not summonsed. Stetina is in critical condition with a brain stem injury, according to KDRV-Colorado.

“Stetina, 57, was riding with a group of cyclists in Lefthand Canyon east of Ward when a 1999 Jeep Wrangler drove onto the road in front of the group from an eastbound pullout. Early investigation shows that high vegetation may have blocked the driver’s view, CSP said.”

But what ever happened to blowing your horn prior to exiting a driveway that you know has no sight view?

Here is the report from Colorado by a classmate, Eli Stokols from KDVR-Colorado:

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