While Baldwin Gets Arrested, Drivers Go Home to Warm Beds

In the News–May 14, 2014–New York, NY

While several crashes and fatalities occurred last weekend, it’s important to highlight them to show the difference in treatment of cyclists versus motorists.

A string of hit-and-run fatalities of cyclists and pedestrians took place in New York City last weekend, with no arrests. Though in three of the incidents the drivers left the scene, in the last a 37-year-old bicyclist was critically injured when he collided with a Honda Accord at 64th Street and 11th Avenue, a police spokeswoman said.

The cyclist was taken to Lutheran Hospital and the driver was not charged. In two other instances drivers struck and killed or injured cyclists and pedestrians and left the scene, according to news reports.

Yes, anyone can argue that it is technically illegal to mouth off at NYPD, as much as it is required to present ID when breaking the law.

Thus, NYPD may technically have been on the side of the law when arresting one of the most famous celebrities in New York, Alec Baldwin.

But where is the law in protecting cyclists and pedestrians you might well ask. Lest anyone forget, remember that errant taxi driver, Mohammed Faysal Himon, who in an attempt to mow down bicycle messenger Kenneth Olivo for slapping his car, jumped the curb and hit a young woman, resulting in the amputation of her leg?

That man never saw a jail cell. 

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