Cyclist Struck in Hit and Run on 79th St.

A cyclist traveling across the 79th street transverse though Central Park was struck by a hit and run driver at 3:20 PM this afternoon.

(c) Jen Benepe. A middle-aged man was struck and severely injured on the 79th Street Transverse today. Drivers drove around him while he lay on the side of the road, not helping him, making their way through the green lighted intersection. The driver of the vehicle that presumably struck him left the scene of the crash.

Drivers behind the man did nothing to stop the driver, and continued to drive around him eastbound while he lay in the gutter, unconscious and not moving, according to a witness who stopped his car and called emergency personnel.

Cyclists International came on the scene minutes after the man was struck just off Fifth Ave., traveling Eastbound.

He was an African American man, appeared to have been struck or pushed by a vehicle onto the sidewalk edge.

The man wore dreadlocks and a bright orange jacket, and red pants.

He appeared unconscious and and he lay on the concrete as if one or both legs had been broken. He did not respond to attempts by police to speak to him.

The Central Park police precinct responded to the scene minutes after the incident, followed about 4 minutes later by emergency vehicles who closed off the transverse to Eastbound traffic.

But the hit and run driver was long gone. Below are pictures showing the unfolding at the scene.