Motorist Arrested in Texas for Killing Cyclist

A drunk Texan woman who killed a cyclist with her car and left the scene, was arrested yesterday, but not for killing the 24-year-old.

Chelsea Norman (left) before she was killed by a drunk driver who left the scene.

The driver was arrested for leaving the scene of the crash.

The charge was for hit and run stemming from what authorities say was a night of drinking and driving that led to her striking and killing a local cyclist, Chelsea Norman.

This reduced charge for a woman who could not even remember whether she had actually hit someone, she was so drunk.

But being drunk will never enter the criminal charge because the police only have evidence from texts where the driver Margaret Renee Mayer, 35, tells her friend she was so drunk she doesn’t even remember hitting Chelsea Norman. They have no breathalyzer tests, or witnesses of the actual crash.

Further phone call recordings between family members and the driver’s brother (who was in jail for unrelated charges,) document the family discussing “M”‘s crash. Ms. Mayer’s car was also found to have damage, and pieces of denim on it.

“They can be heard talking about the crash,” according to the affidavit. “In the calls, they referenced the defendant as ‘Auntie M’ and that she wrecked her car while she was drunk and hit a bike.”

News of the charges after Norman‘s death early December on her way home from work received disappointed responses from the city’s bike riding community who spurred calls for justice and answers, and asked for more severe charges.

In a document filed by the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Margaret Renee Mayer, 35, is accused of intentionally not stopping her car after hitting Norman, who was riding home at about 10:20 p.m. from Whole Foods Market in Montrose.

Victor Senties, spokesman for Houston Police, confirmed Mayer’s arrest.

Norman, 24, was gravely injured but alive when she was found sprawled on the curb along Waugh and at the base of a bike lane sign. She died days later at a Houston hospital.

For the rest of the story, see the reporting in the Texas-based Chron.

Comments from local readers shed light on the attitudes in the area, with most stating either that they would “never” ride a bicycle in Houston, and many others using the opportunity to say that cyclists are all over the road, and need to be reigned in.

Only a smattering expressed any concern for the dead 24-year-old Chelsea whose life was cut short by a criminal act.

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