Help Find Stolen Freight Recumbent

August 13, 2013–New York, NY.

This summer has been a hey day for bike thieves, and their latest heist was a recumbent bicycle.

The recumbent was being used by the owner as a working freight recumbent. It was stolen yesterday, August 12, 2013 from a depot in Battery Park City.

Shelly Mossey, the owner and boss at the Urban Mobility Project writes:

I had just converted it from the cargo back to pedicab. I used it for the heavier delivery’s – like 6 – 10 cases of wine-it even worked set up as pedicab. We bought it a few years back so we could get around the neighborhood all together We hadn’t used it for a couple of weeks and bazinga! It is of no value to anyone – the learning curve is a few weeks,it takes a while to learn to ride and its not a legal pedicab! The pic I att was in downtown express! There is only one other in the city – The rear seat clamp is cracked so I strapped it down and the seat bottom has some cracks as well!!

You can contact Shelly at the Urban Mobility Project, Battery Park City, NY,, 917-295-1954

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Or email Shelly Mossey at, and send a pic of the bicycle you see, to help identify it.

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