Man of Steel on a Bicycle

Henry Cavill, the new Superman, aka Man of Steel is featured in Detail Magazine this month riding a bicycle.

No, it’s not a steel-lugged racing frame, and it doesn’t even look like its made of platinum, carbon, or titanium.  We just got a kick out of seeing this super star, super man on a bicycle on the eve of his huge success in Man of Steel.

The movie itself, we weren’t crazy about. It’s total obsession with violence, destruction, and war is over the top, and frankly we found it a bit boring and repetitive.

Also the gratuitous  reference to 9/11 and the falling of major buildings in lower Manhattan, an almost too facile attempt to create knee-jerk emotional reactions from the audience, was just weak–weak!

After 15 minutes of watching the demons from another planet, Krypton, fight it out with the Man of Steel, we stopped paying attention. Maybe Hollywood should learn to lay off the heavy dependence on special effects, as if they weren’t going to get financing or ticket sales without it.

But you shouldn’t hold this against Henry Cavill, because it’s his first big break, and now that we saw him on a bicycle, there’s little he could do wrong.

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