Meeting to Discuss River Road this Thursday

A meeting will be held tomorrow night to discuss how to configure River Road along the Hudson River. The changes will affect the towns of Edgewater, NJ, traveling south towards the New Jersey ferry near Hoboken.

Bicycle passage on the road as it is configured now is incredibly dangerous, with no designated bike lane nor space for cyclists on the roadway.

In addition, drivers act as if cyclists do not belong there. One 200 lb male cyclist in his 40’s told me he was literally “pushed off the road,” by a driver–in other words, the driver used his car like a battering ram to move him off the roadway.

Those problems are exacerbated by speeding on the road, where the 35 mph speed limit is routinely ignored. Other issues, such as the fact that it is the only straight access from Port Imperial Ferry to Englewood, and Fort Lee, to the entrance of the George Washington Bridge, creates problems for drivers as well.

But if drivers were to leave their cars at home and take their bicycles, they would encounter an unpleasant alternative. Thus the corridor change plan. Cyclists are strongly encouraged to attend one of the two meetings tomorrow night, Thursday January 17, either at 4:30 PM or 6:30 PM. Map here. 


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