TDF 2023: Stage 8: Mark Cavendish Quits after Crash

News Release – July 8, 2023

After a crash in today’s stage 8 of the Tour de France, Mark Cavendish has quit the race.  The crash occurred at 48.8 km into the stage. After the crash, Cavendish was sent by ambulance for medical attention.

The disappointing end to this year’s Tour was only topped by yesterday’s results, when at the final kilometer to the finish, Philipsen who was streaming up to the line on the right, was being outpaced by the Manx Missile to the left; Philipsen switched streams and following Cavendish to the left as if he were a lead out man, passed him and won stage 7. Surely if the Cav’ had had a lead out to the final hundred meters, he would have won the stage, and today might have played out completely differently.

Mark Cavendish quits the 2023 Tour de France after crashing. (c) A.S. O.

Cavendish was chasing his 35th stage win before he crashed.

He was riding at 44.9km/h when he was caught in the crash with 63 km to go. This is heartbreak for the Man from Manx, and may have sealed any future plans for besting his 34 wins. 

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