Peta Todd, Cavendish’s Mate

Peta Todd, when she was still Cavendish’s girlfriend at the 2011 Tour de France final stage in Paris with her son Dunbar, (c) Benepe

July 11, 2013 By Jen Benepe

Most of you know by know that Mark Cavendish, sprinter for the Omega Pharma Quickstep, has now married his girlfriend Peta Todd.

We’d like to start by saying, so what if he’s only won one stage in this Tour so far: look how his private life is going.

You know, cycling isn’t everything.

Cavendish and Todd have a lovely little girl, and both Ms. Todd-Cavendish and child have been accompanying the Manx Missile on their trip through the Tour de France this year.

They were photographed on rest day this past Monday, which you can see on the team’s pages.

But we thought we would share with you some of the highlights of Ms. Todd’s background. Here is the last video she shared with the world that made her the topic.

At the time that Todd met Cavendish, she was an unabashed porn model, and her pics can be found all over the Internet.

This reporter didn’t even know who Peta Todd was until we discovered her in the crowds at the Tour de France final stage. Then they whisked the porn star away for family TV primetime. (c) Benepe

We first learned of Todd in 2011, and met her in person in Paris while watching the final leg of the Tour.

She was with her son Dunbar and together they were shouting, “GO CAVENDISH!”

None of the other journalists around her had any idea who she was, until we started talking to her.

Then she was whisked away by an obnoxious reporter who previously had absolutely no idea who she was, nor had any idea of her occupation, it being family TV and all.

Todd also had a very vocal participation on Twitter during the 2011 Tour where she posted continuously, mostly commentary on the race from afar, as well as positive affirmations for Cavendish.

Now she can do all that in person. But we would love to be a fly on the wall in the other team buses when they talk about Cavendish, and I bet they aren’t talking about his sprints.

If Cavendish isn’t a winner on the stage, he most definitely is in his personal life.


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