Jersey of the Week: FGX Racing

We came across Harry Zernike wearing this fabulous jersey plus kit today.

Harry Zernike, photographer and publisher of 9W Magazine wearing the jersey-kit of the week, FGX Racing Team. (c) Benepe

Zernike is part of the FGX Racing Team, a sub-team of the Century Road Club Association in New York City.

The team is sponsored by, Zernike’s company, 9W Magazine, Veselka’s (the Polish-Urkrainian restaurant in New York’s East Village,) and several other sponsors.

The kit was designed by Alex Ostroy, which should come as no surprise.

The design’s absolute elegance and Ostroy’s use of color with graphics is superb.

Another example of Ostroy’s recent creativity can be seen in the New York Gran Fondo poster (see below) for 2013.

Among the details on the jersey are the words “Panigua,” which means Pan i Agua–a reference to Tyler Hamilton’s wry tongue in cheek name for racing drug less, racing on –pan –bread, and aqua –water, only.

A Paniagua t-shirt is also available on the 9W Magazine site for $25 plus shipping. 

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