Bike Of the Week: The NY Ghost Bike

By Jen Benepe

The Ghost Bike carried to it’s final resting place by Peter Meitzler is this week’s bike of the week.

Peter Meitzler brought this ghost bike to its final resting place last Sunday in Queens, the location where an unknown cyclist was hit and killed by a motorist. (c) Peter Meitzler

Meitzler painted the bike in his studio and then carried it along the route of the Ghost Bike Memorial ride, which eventually ended in Queens.

Cyclists from all of the five boros honored the 20 fallen cyclists since last year by holding rides in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Manhattan and Queens, stopping at the locations where each person was killed by a motorist.

To continue their good works, the Ghost Bike Memorial project would love your contributions. Please give to this worthy, volunteer cause that is trying to raise a modest $5,000.

The ride also gave memory to the 136 pedestrians struck and killed on city streets in the past year alone.


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