Limited New York Subway Starts Nov. 1




In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the subways are finally starting to come back–just barely.

Tomorrow, Nov. 1, several lines will start functioning minimally through Manhattan, Queens and parts of Brooklyn.

And all of the fares will be waived, tomorrow and Friday, according to Governor Cuomo who made the announcement this afternoon. The reason? Massive flooding that has damaged subway tracks and equipment.

But just about anything below 34th street won’t be stirring, and none of the subway lines will function between Manhattan and Brooklyn, as MTA workers continue to pump out excess water from Lower Manhattan’s tunnels and roads.

Of the limited lines that will be working:

  • in Manhattan, the no. 1 train will be running from 242nd Street to 42nd St., making local stops only presumably, though that detail has not been indicated.
  • The A train will only run from 168th Street to 34th St. The B, and C lines will not be running at all, and the D train will run from Norwood in the Bronx, to 34th Street in Herald Square.
  • On the East Side, the 6 trains will be running from Pelham Bay Park, down to 42nd Street, and the no. 2 train will run from Wakefield in the Bronx, to Times Square and 42nd Street.
  • The 4 train will also be running from Woodlawn Ave. in the Bronx down to 42nd Street. 

Some trains will also be running from Manhattan to Queens, and those include the N and F trains only.

There will be NO service on the No. 3 Express train from the Bronx, down through the west side of Manhattan, or on the 7 Train out to Queens. There will be some shuttle bus connections in outlying areas, (consult PDF).

The subways are flooded. To see one such station as captured by MTA personnel, see below

In Brooklyn, there will be intraboro subway service only on limited lines (see map). There will be much more accessible bus service throughout the boros, see map. To get between Brooklyn and Lower Manhattan, you can use the shuttle bus service that has been set up. It will be as follows:

Starting Thursday, Nov. 1 at 6 a.m., MTA/NYCT shuttle buses will travel to and from subway stations at Atlantic Avenue, Jay Street and Hewes Street.

•       The Atlantic Avenue and Jay Street routes will operate via a new, two-way bus lane across the Manhattan Bridge and into Manhattan via bus-priority lanes on Bowery and Third Avenue, making stops at major cross streets all the way up to East 55th Street in the inbound direction, and via bus-priority lanes on Lexington Avenue, East 23rd Street, and Third Avenue and Bowery in the outbound direction.

•       The shuttle bus from Hewes Street will operate over the Williamsburg Bridge and Delancey Street, then via Bowery and Third Avenue up to East 55th Street before returning downtown via Lexington Avenue, East 23rd Street, Third Avenue and Bowery.

NYPD will provide enforcement along the bus route and keep the lanes clear for buses. The bus service will operate 24 hours until further notice.

The maps below have been divided up so you can get a closer look at them (there is some overlap.) For additional info from the MTA, consult their website here. For bus maps for all the boros, click here.

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