Company Offers $10K for ID of Hit and Run Driver

Kelly Ann Boyce Hurlbert, in an undated photo.

July 10, 2013, Traverse City, Michigan.


A business in Traverse City, Michigan is offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the identity of a hit and run driver that killed a cyclist here last week, July 5.

Kelly Ann Boyce Hurlbert, 29, was riding home Friday at about 1:50 a.m. in the 600 block of Washington Street when investigators believe someone who piloted a dark pickup truck or SUV struck her from behind, reported Matt Troutman at the Record-Eagle.

Friends of Quarter After Entertainment, LLC is offering $ 10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

“Someone has knowledge that could help apprehend the person who is responsible,” wrote Dennis Bean-Larson who knew Boyce.

“Even if you think you might know something, or noticed a neighbor’s, friend’s, or co-worker’s damaged vehicle, please call detectives at 231-947-8477 or anonymous tip line at 231-947-8477.”

Meanwhile a cyclist who is traveling across country has decided to dedicate a portion of his ride to Ms. Boyce. Brian Peric will be traveling through Traverse City, MI today, July 10, and will stop and talk to people in the community.

Peric will visit the community on the first leg of his ToTheRockTour across the Upper Midwest and through two Canadian provinces.

Ms. Boyce with her dog in an undated photo.
Brian Peric will visit Traverse City, MI today on his cross country tour to dedicate time to the life of Kelly Ann Boyce, lost last week to a hit and run driver

Boyce was struck from behind while she was riding home from a performance featuring her husband, who is a musician.  Police said she was dragged for two blocks tohe area where she was discovered by officers.

Investigators are looking for for the driver of a dark SUV or pickup truck that did not stop at the scene.

The community will also be holding a special service for Kelly Boyce Hurlbert on Thursday, July 11, at 2 PM in F & M Park. Attendees are encouraged to participate in a bicycle ride after the service. The ride will go down Front Street to Union Street and come back to F & M Park.

In another incident, Emmet County Sheriff Pete Wallin said Petoskey resident Daniel Adams was hit by a van driven by a 30-year-old man, according to reports by CBS Detroit. That accident remains under investigation.

Traverse City Police Capt. Mike Ayling said investigators still have no real “substantial” leads in the death of Boyce.

Ayling said authorities arrested a person on unrelated charges in Antrim County, but no evidence was found to link that person’s black Ford pickup truck — which matches some witness descriptions of the vehicle that struck Boyce — to the case after two days of processing.

“I doubt he’s our guy,” he said. “We don’t believe it was involved,”  this according to a July 9 report by the Record-Eagle.

The cyclist dedicating his cross country ride to Boyce, Brian Peric will be leaving Benzie County at approximately  8:30 am, traveling thru Interlochen, onto Traverse City via US- 31 and onto US 37 into Traverse City around 10:30 AM. “He is hoping to spend a couple of hours in Traverse City talking within the community,” reported Amy Daniels Moehle (

“Cycling has always been an integral part of my life and to see this young women from Benzie County  leave behind her family and loved ones because of the negligence of a driver is absolutely tragic,” explained Perch. “Kelly Ann Boyce was doing  something she loved, something that sustained her life and connected to her community while riding that bike.”

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Local news highlighted the specifics of the incident (see below)

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