One in 5 Cycling Londoners Too Afraid to Bike

In The News–January 13, 2014–London, England.

Cara from London crashed in 2007. She was drunk, she wrote on the site For the rest of the collection of horrific photos, visit their site

A new study shows that Londoners are now more afraid to ride their bicycles in the city, reported the BBC .

Of the more than 1000 people interviewed, over 250 were cyclists, and 60 percent of them say they ride on the sidewalk for fear of their safety. One in five have stopped cycling because of the dangers–to wit, 6 cyclists killed last month in London, in two weeks alone.

Seventy-nine percent of those surveyed want the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, to do more, and over 60 percent said cycling is not safe.

The mayor’s cycling commissioner Andrew Gilligan said the study was a “voodoo poll.”  Watch the video for more info. 

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