WSJ Outs Armstrong on Strava

By Jen Benepe (aka Dzidzia GoodSword)

In an article yesterday, Kevin Heliker of the Wall Street Journal outed Lance Armstrong’s not so private previous alias, Juan Pelota as a Strava user.

For those of you who do not know, Strava is an online tool for tracking your speed and distance, and by using the software teamed with a monitor on your bicycle, you can match yourself against other riders on the same course, even on different days.

Though Heliker’s article devolves into a discussion more of Strava and King of the Mountain competitions in New York City and around, he does touch on Armstrong’s Strava I.D. which states matter of factly, “According to my rivals, peers and teammates, I won the Tour de France 7 times.”

Pictured along with the statement is a picture of an old fashioned cannon, and the words, “Come and take it.”

Writes Heliker, “During his televised interview last month with Oprah WinfreyLance Armstrong expressed contrition for doping during his cycling career and for bullying those who tried to expose him. But on Strava, a social network that lets athletes of all levels challenge each other, Armstrong appears unbowed.”

Continues Heliker, “Since his Oprah appearance, Armstrong has continued updating the page.”

“That unapologetic posture may be classic Armstrong, who described himself to Winfrey as a cyclist who at times wouldn’t let rules, common courtesy or physical pain get in the way of winning.”

Armstrong used to go under the name Juan Pelota, which according to some fans means “one ball.”

Wrote IHBernhardt on Google’s archived Bike Forums, “Hmmm, obviously an inside joke. Pelota = “ball,” so “Juan Pelota” could be construed to be “one ball.” (“Juan” does not mean “one,” it just sounds the same.)”

PS if anyone is interested, I am now officially on Strava under Dzidzia GoodSword. You’ll have to look hard to find the meaning behind that, as well as any stats.

Everything is indoors now, or running, and even though I love Apple, I don’t own an i-Phone, nor do I own a Garmin. So for the time being, I’ll have to amuse myself by watching all of you work hard!

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