The Bicycle Thief c. 2013 New York City

September 24, 2013

Sept. 24, 2013–New York, NY.–Video–Thanks to Manny Rodrigues for sending this along.

Emil confronts the would be thief George, and tells him it’s “not cool” to steal the wheel, and that he should “put it back.” “Okay I will put it back,” answers George.

The videographer, Emil, really has some guts filming this would-be bicycle thief, and confronting him.

“You should put that back man, that’s not cool.”

“Okay, I will put it back,” says George, the would-be robber.

Emil films the guy walking away, and putting the wheel back.

But then he follows him, as the would-be robber tries to steel another bike two blocks away.

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  • lfvillarosa

    Thank God for brave and good citizens as Emil.

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