BMXing CitiBikes in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

September 13, 2013

Thanks to E Sneider for passing this along. Sept. 13, 2013–Video

Tyrone Williams of Animal New York takes a Citibike on a BMX spin. His locale is Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  Now we know why

Citibike stations around Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

NYC Bike share has been avoiding adding Citibike stands to inner Brooklyn.

Note the bike map--there are no Citibike stands in the far reaches of Willliamsburg.  All of the stations are located close to the hipster area that has been heavily gentrified over the past 10 years.

In any event, we love what Mr. Williams has done with the bike and admire his prowess on one of the heaviest bikes ever to hit the streets of New York–along with the great Rasta music accompaniment.

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  • lfvillarosa

    That dude gots some talent to do that on such a heavy bike. Do I gather that the bike share folks don’t want people stump jumping on the bikes. But everyone should have access. Nonetheless It’s a pretty cool video that promotes the program.

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