NYC Bike Share Graces Cover of New Yorker Magazine

Check out this week’s New Yorker cover which features an illustration of the new Citi Bike Share that launched on May 27.

The illustration is penned by artist Marcellus Hall, who is a cyclist himself. Previous work he has completed for the New Yorker featuring bicycles includes a drawing of Santa Claus being carted around town by a pedicab.

“I’ve only been ‘doored’ twice,” says Mr. Hall in an interview with the New Yorker. “I’m very careful. I look into the side mirrors of the parked cars to see if there’s movement inside. I ride only on the left side of the street because there’s less of chance of a passenger getting out than of a driver. Actually, I read it in some cyclist publication that, as a cyclist, you’re allowed to take up a whole lane and sometimes, I even do that,” he added.

See the rest of the interview here, at the New Yorker.