One-of-A-Kind Motorcycles from Paris

In the News/ Spotted in New Jersey

You can get a vintage motorcycle made of old parts if you visit Blitz Motorcycles in Paris. Two friends, Fred Jourden and

Alan Albert of Westwood Cycles, in Westwood, Nj on his vintage motorcycle, Sept 30, 2012 (c) Benepe

Hugo Jezegabel are making new motorcycles out of old parts from vintage BMW’s, Hondas, Kawasakis, reported Tim Murray for the Wall St. Journal this weekend.

The friends sell mostly by word of mouth, and their shop doesn’t even have an address or a website. Bikes can cost as much as $20,000, which includes “artistic direction.”

They make about 10 bikes a year and got their inspiration from the 1971 Steve McQueen cult documentary On Any Sunday, reports the WSJ.

Vintage motorcycles are becoming all the rage now, perhaps partly in a reaction to the Darth-vader style Ducatis on the road, or the overwhelming pot-belly, faux bad boy image that is now clinging to Harley Davidson users.

The trend for vintage in the United States appears to be catching on as well. This weekend we spied Alan Albert, partner in crime from Westwood Cycles, driving his vintage motorcycle made of various reclaimed parts at the Tour de Fort Lee.

Dragging on a cigarette he pointed out new vintage parts he had recently added to his baby which he rode over to the race before starting work.

Do we see another potential business model for the U.S.? Most definitely.


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