Cycling Around Luxembourg

In this article in the New York Times, the author rides 100 miles in 3 days around Luxembourg on a touring bike.

We love this story because not only is it well told, but the adventures of Bruce Weber on this trip sound like so much fun.

The best part, he and his companion took a two hour train from Paris to do the ride, which means you can go to Paris first, then hop over to Luxembourg, rent your bike for three days, do the tour, then end in Paris again!

The ride does not appear to be too difficult save some minor episodes with steep grades and cobblestones, and a couple of getting lost stories.

What is also so interesting is that two of the top ranked cyclists in the world, brothers Andy and Frank Schleck, hail from Luxembourg, but the country is so narrow, you could get across in one day:

Wedged between France, Belgium and Germany, Luxembourg is just about 1,000 square miles, making it smaller than Rhode Island. From Steinfort on the Belgian border in the west across the center of the country to Echternach on the Germanyside is about 30 miles as the crow flies, maybe 35 as the cyclist cycles. You can do it in a long afternoon if you’re so inclined.

When CI was covering the Tour de France in 2009, we met one of the top political office holders from the country, who was a huge brothers-Schleck fan. He and others who formed a Schleck fan group were following the Tour and were testimony to how popular the sport is in their tiny country.

I sold him a Hotvelociti Le Ventoux jersey, which he promptly gave to his son–they absolutely loved it!

The cost of food and hotels is steep however, so be prepared.

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