Tappan Zee Bridge Plan Approved

New York, NY–August 20, 2012

The Tappan Zee Bridge plan was approved this morning in a surprise vote held in New York City.

According to Riverkeeper, an advocacy group, the vote was called without sufficient notice to the community and to advocacy groups. Riverkeeper had a few lead attorneys present at the meeting, where the leaders of several communities approved the new Tappan Zee Bridge plan.

Cyclists International has criticized the state’s approach to the bridge because they have failed to deliver convincing and safe plans for cyclists to commute to the bridge on either side of the river.

Governor Andrew Cuomo will be holding a press conference in Piermont, NY today at 1 PM to discuss the new bridge plans.

Janet Martinez was struck and killed by a speeding driver in June of this year, and since that time, the state Department of Transportation has only added signs warning cyclists of the danger of the road, but made no plans to improve the route’s physical safety. To do so would require enforcing the existing speed limit, reducing the speed limit, and enforcing thee large truck ban.

Studies conducted by the DOT fell short of established scientific standards to measure speeds by using only one time period in the middle of the day and minimal data points, and never measured the more important rush hour speeds.

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