Daily News Smears Cyclists Again

The NY Daily News is on a rampage–not against killer cars, but alleged speeding cyclists

Cyclists have as much to lose if not more in some instances, if they hit a pedestrian. But the News is ignoring that side of the equation for headline-grabbing, one-sided reporting.

This time it was a “blind” man who was struck from behind by a cyclist going 35 mph on a mountain bike.

We have difficulty understanding how the reporters knew the speed of the cyclist, and how a cyclist riding a mountain bike could achieve such speeds on a portion of roadway that has a very moderate decline, East 95th Street, on the Central Park Drive north.  I mean my goodness if he really was going that speed, let’s recruit him for the 2016 Olympics!

And do you think those two slugs could get off their butts and try riding around the park for once?  They’d be in for an eye-opener in how to avoid pedestrians who walk in front of you without looking.

The reporters–one of whom I had the pleasure of attending the Columbia University School of Journalism with, Kerry Burke–also did not interview the cyclist. One of the most important tenets of fair reporting is to get both sides of a story. Did the walker swerve? Was the cyclist avoiding being hit by a car, or perhaps avoiding another pedestrian?

Our challenge to the NY Daily News, why not reduce cycling injuries too by watching motorist traffic?  Have they even bothered to measure the speeds of cars in the park? Those are the only vehicles that can really kill, and we seriously doubt they are going the speed limit of 25 mph.

The writers also note that the victim’s crash was the second such crash in the park that day, but as in their previous articles smearing cyclists, they fail to acknowledge whose fault it was.

This  reporter has had several crashes in Central Park, including being hit by cyclists once, twice by roller bladers,  and even had a runner run out in front of me in the middle of the road while I was riding my bicycle.

As a cyclist or skater–the person moving–I suffered more severe injuries through the impact, and in all but one of the instances, it was the other party who walked out or skated out in front of me while I was traveling.

Some of these crashes are  bonafide “accidents,” in which neither party can gauge or foresee what the other will do.

The last part of the article we really love: the victim Richard Bernstein pictured in his hospital room whose only injuries were a gash to his upper lip and one on the bridge of his nose, was quoted as saying these injuries have now prevented him from participating in the NY Marathon come October.

Judge for yourself–do you think the reporting is fair?

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