Town Meeting Tuesday to Discuss Route 9W Solutions

Tomorrow night—Tuesday—there will be a meeting held at the Orangetown Town Hall about the crash on Route 9W that killed Janet Martinez.

The family of Ms. Martinez has asked for the meeting where they plan to ask for a reduction in the speed limit, and the placement of signs to increase safety for cyclists among the busy road.

Residents along the roadway have already stated that they want a reduction in the speed, and they would also like to eliminate truck traffic from that section of 9W.  Up to now they said, they have had no luck with the state DOT in getting either of their requests fulfilled.

Other residents have suggested that bicycles be banned from the raodway.

The public is invited to attend.

The family and friends of Ms. Martinez encourage cyclists to attend so they can make their voices heard, and help make that section of roadway safer.

DATE: Tuesday June 26th

TIME: 7:30 pm

LOCATION: Orangetown Town Hall, 26 West Orangeburg Road, Orangetown, NY

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