San Francisco Cyclist Charged with Manslaughter

A cyclist who struck a pedestrian who later died of his injuries has been arrested for manslaughter, reported the Wall Street Journal.
The announcement came after a “series of pedestrian deaths” in San Franciso. Three people so far have been hit by cyclists and died as a result of their injuries this year.
The indictment came because the cyclist Chris Bucchere was witnessed going through several red lights before he struck 71-year-old Sutchi Hui.
Hui died several days later.
In 2011 there were 18 bicycle-pedestrian colliisions, and 800 pedestrians hit and injured by motorists.
San Francsico District Attorney George Gascon, who issued the arrest warrant for Bucchere said, “I’m hoping this case serves to raise awareness that rules of the road apply to everyone.”

The article makes no mention of how many motorists in San Francisco have struck and killed pedestrians and cyclists, and how many of those drivers were arrested for manslaughter.

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