No Tour de France for Andy Schleck

Andy Schleck, a top Tour de France podium winner in the 2011 event, will not be competing in the big French race this year, according to a flash article published in
Allegedly the rider has suffered a fractured pelvis in the Criterium du Dauphine this month, and will not be able to compete in the 21-stage race which is physically extremely demanding.

“It is the biggest disappointment of my career. I would rather have finished last on the Tour than not be able to participate at all,” said Schleck at a press conference.

Schleck, who was second in last year’s Tour de France, will set his sights instead on the Olympics, the Tour of Lombardy, and the Tour of Spain (Vuelta a Espana.)

Though Schleck, 27, was bested by Cadel Evans in last year’s Tour, he has been considered one of the top potential riders to win first place this year.

His brother Frank Schleck is also a favorite for the top 3 podium winners, but now the cards are up in the air. Without the dynamic duo working together, who knows how this year’s race will pan out.

In separate news, Chris Horner will also not be completing this year’s Tour. Also of the RadioShack-Nissan team, Horner was allegedly dropped from the team line-up due to back problems. But maybe now with Andy Schleck out, the team will relent and ask him to partake in the big race.

For the full story on Chris Horner, see Bicycling. In related news, George Hincapie of the BMC racing team is also said to be retiring in 2012, but not before he competes in this year’s Tour.

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