Make NJ Transit More Bike Friendly

A note from the Editor:

NJ transit has been limiting bike access on trains, and there is limited or no access on buses (there is no space, and it’s driver dependent.)

On trains, a draconian policy to not allow bicycles to board lower platforms–effectively not allowing bikes at all on the trains that pulled in on those platforms–was reversed on Monday.

But in a strange, back-hook way, the committee selected to look at bike rules took away some weekend privileges. For a better outline and discussion of those changes, see Andy Besold’s blog, WalkBikeJersey.

Therefore if you would like to see access restored on the weekends on those trains, and more access on buses, particularly for the George Washington Bridge Station, you should let the NJ Transit folks know.

Therefore if you ever take NJ Transit, please take this survey, and rate their system (we gave them a zero) and put a comment on the end that tells them that their bike policy is suffering. The survey takes about 7 minutes.

If you don’t want to compose anything for the comments section, this is what we suggest:

“The bike policy for NJT Trains is not bike friendly, revise the rules and improve access to all trains and all stations.

Please also revise the rules for transporting bicycles on buses. We need to be able to take our bikes on all the buses either inside, or attached to the front. Your lack of bicycle accessibility is abominable! ”

You will need to take the survey before June 29th, when the survey ends, maybe we can have an impact in getting NJ transit to once again open their doors to bicycles.


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