Instant Glutes

We love the article we caught in W Magazine this month, written by a round-butted wannabe!

Complaining of a “pancakelike” posterior, W’s associate beauty editor Christina Han laments, “I thank my mother every day for passing along her flawless-skin DNA. But the flat tush I could have done without.”

Han demonstrates in her article how with work-out guru David Kirsch, trainer to the stars, (Karolina Kurakova dubbed him “master of the ass,”) and Kate Albarelli’s glute-toning class at Pure Yoga she was able to add “some junk to her trunk.”

Han also tracked down a class called “Brazil Butt Lift” invented by Leandro Carvalho who has a private studio in the East Village.

At the beginning of her search for more bubble, trainer Kirsch measured Han’s 35.5 inched hips and remarked, “You’re not totally hipless, but you have a flat butt.”

After nearly 10 weeks of “frog-jumping, donkey-kicking on all fours, and platypus walking,” Han poked a finger into her lower left cheek and discovered “some meatiness.”

But at CyclistsInternational we are quite sure that if Han had jumped on a bicycle, she could have had the same butt muscles in two thirds, or even half that time, and had fun doing it. As a bonus, she could have met some of the 90% cycling population–men, as well as some of the really hot chicks on bikes who make great riding partners. She could have also toured a few neighborhoods or the world at the same time.

Han might also have enjoyed a great deal of Glute Watching, which is a common, and unavoidable side effect of riding with other cyclists.

As much as we like the real world, we acknowledge there are two worlds–The Cycling World, where glutes are miraculously firmed without even trying and while having fun, and The Other World, where you have to work your a– off to get the same results.



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