New York’s Bike Share Seeking Top Managers

The bike share program that is about to open in New York has posted help wanted ads for some of its top positions on Craigslist, we learned today.

Among them is the top position of General Manager reporting to the President of Alta Bike Share in New York, Alison Cohen. The general manager will be responsible for the entire operation, including the running of the fleet, marketing, finance, and dealing with the public and the city’s agencies.

Alta also posted the top positions in finance, marketing, operations, customer service, office management, education and outreach, and chief station technician.  We have no indication yet whether those jobs will go to the top sourced candidate, the best-connected candidate, friends and associates, or a combination of all three as most jobs do.

The postings however are sure to cause a stir in the cycling community in New York that has long awaited some kind of bicycle share system. To witness its progress in this next step, actually sourcing employees in top positions adds momentum and clarity to a project that many thought would not get off the ground because of steep projected operating costs, and what seemed like an insurmountable challenge in obtaining corporate sponsors and advertisers to pay for the system.

Below we have added the links for all of the positions we have seen posted so far. Good luck to all of you!

New York City Bike Share General Manager of NYC

New York City Bike Share Finance and Administration Director NYC

New York City Educational and Outreach Director

New York City Bike Share Customer Service Director

New York City Bike Share Human Resources Director

Nee York City Bike Share Operations Director

New York City Bike Share Office Manager

New York City Bike Share Marketing Director

New York City Bike Share Head Station Technician




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