Bike Stabilizers for Adults

With so many Americans coming back to cycling or trying it for the first time, the effort can be daunting.

Will I fall? Can I keep my balance in traffic? Should I ride at all? These are some of the concerns voiced by adults who last touched a bicycle when they were 5, 10 or even 20 years old, and some face the prospect of riding again today with trepidation.

Enter bike training wheels for adults. For a mere $199 you can attach this bike stabilizer wheel kit by Bike USA. Glenn Davgin of Piermont Bicycle Connection pointed it out, and sent us to a link at

Another wheelset was available from, also priced at $199.00.

I was quick to send a link to my stepmom who received a used bike from me (a new would be a waste of money considering her reluctance to ride.) She was too scared to touch it when I bought it, and I am not sure if it’s in the garbage pile right now. And I haven’t heard back from her yet on whether she will now try cycling, but it’s a sure bet that stabilizers plus a location with reduced traffic will be much more seductive than the alternatives.

Happy Riding!



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