A Ticket for Not Riding in the Bike Lane

And now for this humorous addendum to our article on Bike Chaos in New York: this video from Casey Niestat:

A Ticket for Not Riding in The Bike Lane

The video shows Niestat getting a ticket from New York’s finest for not riding his bike in the bike lane.

He then goes on to make the point that there are obstructions in the bike lanes, which is why he doesn’t ride in them. He falls so many times in this video, you wonder if he’s got extra health insurance to pay for all the costs of his physical therapy.

Note, the ticket from the city is not legal, and neither are the police cars parked in the bike lane.

Although the remainder of the obstructions seem a little bit staged, Niestat’s point is a good one.

Thanks to Jim Dyer for pointing out the site, My Bike Lane.com that keeps track of all the cars and trucks parked in bike lanes.

However, their system depends on people posting photos and making entries. The last entry was on April 11, 2011 in New York. But on April 26th I counted about 50 or more cars and trucks including NYPD cars parked in the bike lane from 177th St. to 110th St. in Manhattan.  I took photos of 25 of those 50 or more. So what gives, New Yorkers? Too tired to protect your bike lanes?


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