Attempted Murder Sought for Driver in Brazil

The prosecutor’s office in Porto Alegre, Brazil where a driver plowed into a group of 100 cyclists injuring 40 of them will be seeking charges of attempted murder against the motorist.

Prosecutors Eugenio Amorim and Lucia Callegari said  in a statement they have asked for the preventive detention of Ricardo Jose Neis on charges of attempted homicide, according to the Associated Press.

Neis plowed into the middle of a peaceful Critical Mass ride in Porte Alegre, Brazil last Friday, April 25.

Human bodies on bikes were hurled into the air as Neis plowed through the cyclists as if his car was a bowling ball, and the bodies were mere pins, popping up into the air and landing in a decimated mass behind him.

The horrific scene is captured on video and is posted on YouTube. (Do not show to children):


The pop, pop, pop of bodies being flung into the air, like lifeless puppets is accompanied by screams and cries from all the cyclists around the victims. Doubtless, the victims themselves had no time to scream. Here is the “full length” version:


The incident raises serious questions about the relationship between people in cars–protected from all, –and those outside of cars–not protected at all, and whether they can co-exist at all on this world’s streets.

The following also shows the painful aftermath of the crash–well, let’s say the attempted murder of several cyclists.


Forty riders were injured, though none killed. One of the riders, Marcos Rodrgues who was hit but survived the driver’s mad rush, said that no one had been provoking the driver prior to his manic push into the crowd of cyclists.

This statement is in direct contradiction to Neis, who said that cyclists were pounding on his car. And even so, would that —should that–engender a murderous response?

The prosecutor’s ¬†statement was posted today on the website of the prosecutor’s office of Rio Grande do Sul state.

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