New Yorker Dies after Florida Cycling Crash

A 58-year-old cyclist from New York was struck while cycling and died two days later Saturday in Deerfield, FL.

Mary Cleere Haran, a classic popular singer and writer known for her cabaret shows celebrating the American songbook, died at a hospital in Deerfield Beach yesterday, reported the NY Times.

Haran was struck from the side by a car coming out of a driveway. According to the media report, she never regained consciousness.

The New York Times called the incident an “accident”: even police officers no longer use “accident” to describe the crashes that occur between motorists, motorists and pedestrians or motorists and cyclists, since it implies that there was no fault in the crash.

Haran was temporarily living in South Florida, having taken a break from her career as a performer in New York’s supper clubs. She was originally from San Francisco, and moved to the city in the 1970’s.

Making her Manhattan cabaret debut in 1988, Haran’s style was influenced by Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee and Doris Day according to her Facebook page which has survived her passing.

She made her recording debut in 1992 with “There’s a Small Hotel: Live at the Algonquin,” followed by several other albums, reported the UPI.

Staff members of Cyclists International have cycled in Florida along Route 1A many times. It was not clear if Ms. Haran was cycling anywhere near Route 1A, but that route is heavily frequented by cyclists, and is narrow with many surprise driveways.

In 2004 local cycling advocates who knew of the road’s serious dangers to cyclists tried to get a bikeway established along Route 1A which travels along the Atlantic ocean, from Palm Beach down to Fort Lauderdale.  They encountered serious opposition from private home owners who refused to yield a couple of feet from their properties for the completion of the safer bikeway.

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