Find the Driver Who Did this

Michelle Matson in the hospital

Michelle Matson and her boyfriend James Paz were struck by a hit-and-run driver on October 23, 2010 in Brooklyn, NY.

Above is the poster Paz has been circulating through his contacts in Facebook to find the driver.

The driver fled the scene, leaving Matson critically injured.

The accident occurred sometime after midnight. Both Matson and Paz were cycling in the designated bike lane on Franklin Ave. in Greenpoint.

Matson who is still in the hospital suffered a fractured  skull, collarbone and bone fractures in her leg.

Paz sustained four broken ribs and a broken nose and has been released from the hospital.

Write to the email above, or if you have any clue of who the driver might have been.

More info about the accident will be posted as it comes available.

UPDATE On Accident (Nov. 15, 2010)

According to James Paz, an anonymous caller phoned the police with a license plate number of the driver who hit Matson and Paz.

The car was tracked down a few blocks from the incident, and found to be damaged. However, the police have refused to bring the driver in for questioning and have accepted his/ her story that they were not driving the vehicle. Presumably they offered some sort of story about not knowing where the keys where, and not being responsible for the whereabouts of their car, said Paz.

Another witness was interviewed at the scene, but no word yet on what that witness had to say.

More information when it becomes available.

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