UCI Asks Spain To Try Contador

The International Cycling Union has asked the Spanish cycling federation to start disciplinary proceedings against Alberto Contador, reported the NY Times today.

Contador won the 2010 Tour de France, but on July 21–the middle of the race–was tested positive in both A and B samples, for Clenbuterol. The muscle building drug is used mostly by body builders but can also allow a rider to be more lean while eating more and using more energy.

Contador has denied taking the banned substance, blaming it on contaminated meat brought over from Spain during a day off during the Tour. He also said that the amount of Clenbuterol found in his urine was too small to indicate intentional use.

But the World Antidoping agency has tested both Contador’s urine and blood samples, and analyzed the results. If the Spanish cycling officials find that Contador did use the substance, he faces a two year ban, and the loss of his Tour de France title.

This year Contador flew up the mountain passes of the most challenging terrain in the Tour de France and possibly in the world, but never seemed to tire, leaving his competitors in the dust.

If Contador loses his title, Andy Schleck, who came in second in the 21-day race, will take over the title.

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